Amy J’s Big I Bon Bons really began in Florence, Italy, where she studied cooking amidst art and culture of the Italian greats.  Since her family got word she was appointed head pastry chef for her class, a chocolate dessert for every major celebration often was expected. When Amy J and her fiancé, Corey, moved to their farm in Hawi, Hawai’i, she returned to making Hawaiian flavor Bon bons for special celebrations, to send her family a taste of her new home. Amy J uses island flavors, local and mostly organic ingredients, that are infused with healing, love and aloha in every single bite. Made to look like the lava flow coming down the mountains side of the beloved Big Island, these truffles are both BIG and Lava, and oh so very ono, indeed!  Made for sharing. Mahalo nui loa! 

Fresh & Organic

Amy J makes batches for celebrations, we love to create for celebrations that bring people together. So contact us to order your celebration bon bons today!

Flavors include: Kona Coffee; Kiawe honey + bee pollen; Mexican Spice Chocolate + pepitas; Goji + Orange+ Maca+ Forastero chocolate nib; Lemongrass+ Lavender+ Crystalized Ginger; Liliko'i Creme; Mango Creme; Ala'aea Sea Salt; Chocolate coconut Caramel lava rocks; Caramel Honus; Liliko'i Caramel ; Dessert Caramel Sundae Topping; Wild Guava and Hawaiian Chili Jelly filled truffle

To order for Thanksgiving, place your order before November 1. 

To order for Christmas and New Year's, place your order by Dec 1. 

To order for Valentine's Day, place your order by January 15. 

Flavors & orders must be in multiples of 6: 6, 12, 18, 24...

Amy J does not make custom single assortment boxes. 


All ingredients organically +
Locally sourced when possible

Chocolate truffles and bon bons are hand-made in small batches on our farm in North Kohala, Hawai'i.