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Available Now: four guides meditations to remember you are an integral and unique part of creation.

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High Performance MEANS allowing your body to recover...

Cultivate a practice of rest and rejuvenation when you sleep, so that your waking time can be more productive, more potent and more abundant.

Includes: Daily + Nightly practices + routines to curate your sleep hygiene for peak performance

Two recorded meditations to use to cultivate rest, sleep and relaxation

Guide to how to create a healthy sleep routine + hygiene practice

Suggestions for daily and practical changes that result in better sleep AND better waking




Lecture series recorded at Dawn over a period of 14 days all about growing more love... Because we can always welcome in more...

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12 recorded meditations for you to release, renew and revive, supporting you in being ready for what you are creating this year...

Sign up at any time; you will receive access to all 12 recordings .

What if I've never done meditation before?
They are easy and designed for anyone- regardless of your background and experience with meditation, manifesting and self-healing- no prior experience is necessary to experience the benefits of these mini meditation practices.

What if I don't have time to listen?:
These meditations are recorded with your busy schedules in mind, meaning, you do not have to be in a quiet space, wearing yoga pants and burning incense to be able to do them; they are all designed for individuals on the go to offer you rest, relaxation, healing and exploration in powerful bite-sized amounts.


Amy J. Co-authors in another Amazon #1 Best-selling anthology.

Order your signed copy of

"Heal Thy Self: Tapping Your Innate Wisdom to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit,"

a #1 Amazon Best seller


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Get your copy now, and read a chapter by Amy J., detailing her jump start into the world of healing- along with many others!

Heal Thy Self Anthology
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Meditations recorded outdoors in Hawai'i Island...

Embark on a journey to reconnect with the powerful and supportive energies of the authentic love and divine joy within you facilitated by Amy J.

Sri Durga Mantra Meditation: an invocation to the divine mother, Durga, designed to give you greater access to your inner voice, creator, and mother. Repeat this meditation aloud for maximum benefit.

Mother Earth Support Meditation: to assist you in releasing resistance to embodying all of your true nature- your empowered self. Suggested location: yoga mat, floor or bed. Use a pillow!

Smiling Meditation: give your whole body access to the frequency and vibration of joy.

All Meditations available and sent via downloadable link

Smiling Meditation
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Mother Earth Support
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Sri Durga Mantra Meditation
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Another Guided Meditation series with Amy J. outside in Hawaii Island.

These meditations are designed to invigorate the body with the mind, re-charge the physical body and stimulate emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Resistance offers you the opportunity to identify resistance in your body, mind and spirit and gently let it go.

Expansion is a 30 minute practice designed to open up your lungs, your heart, and your head. Amy J. takes you through deep breathwork to stimulate the body's natural desire to be energized, open, and healthy.

Get centered, with Belly Breath as you learn the foundations for Meditation series "Speaking to Be Heard"

Recharge offers you an opportunity to remember how easy it is to get some extra energy.

All meditations sent by downloadable link

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Belly Breath
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