Since I was a little girl, 

I've always been inspired by nature. There never was a time I was not intrigued by plants and how they grow, and enamored by the chemistry involved in creating wholesome, organic and sustainably grown medicinal and nutritional remedies for my self and my family. 

What started as a hobby...

Making remedies, creams, salves, tonics, tinctures, jams, chutneys, syrups and gourmet chocolates for family members and treatments for my own physical challenges, quickly became something others found useful in their own journey to health, wellness and well-being and was further deepened by my experience studying and training as a chef in Italy, the United States and beyond. 

I am very honored to share with you the products of my labors, grown here in North Kohala, Hawai'i, each remedy is hand crafted in small batches, to insure freshness and maximum "mana." for you. 

Product availability is based on what is growing in the garden; I do take custom orders, so please let me know how our land can serve you!