Manna Healing with Amy J provides healing, meditation, coaching sessions, classes, and workshops using the ThetaHealing technique, among other modalities. Our mission is to offer individuals and groups who are ready to commit to improving their bodies, minds and spirits, the tools and guidance to step into their authentic ability to be accountable to their relationships,  their bodies, their jobs and community, so that they may take action to help our planet grow and learn.

We honor you by  being a resource that enables you to easily identify and resolve what blocks you from learning, growing and being at your highest potential. We wish for you, powerful beings: world leaders, teachers and healers, to assist you in providing you with insight, enlightenment, and healing, so you may assist your students, clients, loved ones, and the planet as efficiently and authentically as possible.  

Why "Manna/ Mana Healing?"

"Manna" or "mana" are found universally and have been used for centuries across many cultures and religions. "Manna" is known in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions as the spontaneous "gift" from God and heaven given to the Israelites during their journey through the wilderness; arriving at night, they collected and ground the manna for nourishment.

 "Manna" in Greco-Roman Mythology appears through the form of "ambrosia," the nectar of the gods, supplying those who drank of it with longevity, health, abundance and even immortality.

"Mana" is known in the pacific and Austronesian islands as a form of power, potency, and effectiveness, (both supernatural and real) and is something one can accumulate. 

We wish for everyone who joins us in healing, learning and becoming, to remember the potency of their own mana and their natural ability to provide and co-create miracles every moment. 

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Policies, Terms + conditions

  • All sessions must be paid in full by or before the start of each scheduled session.
  • 24 hours advanced notice is required to reschedule your session without being charged in full for a missed session
  • Should Amy J. need to reschedule your session, she will gift you complimentary additional session time to be used at your discretion within 6 months
  • Kama'aina rates for Hawaiian residents available on Thursdays only and subject to availability. To schedule contact Amy J. directly. 
  • Amy J. reserves the right to refer clients to alternative practitioners, should she feel their services will complement their healing process for efficiently and effectively. 

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