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My Story... 

I  first began teaching over 20 years ago.  An empath from the beginning,  I struggled with understanding, processing and claiming my innate strengths, abilities and gifts, because I did not fully comprehend how to be myself in a world full of perceived roadblocks. 

 I experienced a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that left me, in some cases, severely physically and emotionally crippled for the first 23 years of my life. 

Were it not for the few special individuals who saw my true Self hidden and struggling, those teachers who chose to share their wisdom with me, so I could learn how to use and be proud of who I am, the path to health, happiness, and abundance would have been immensely dark, lonely, and full of suffering.

Because I felt, first-hand, the powerful results and nurturing effects of having someone believe in my innate ability to be powerful and an amazing co-creator, I  made the decision to devote my entire life to learning and facilitating growth for myself and others.

As a former full-time middle and high school teacher, specializing in working with learners who learn "outside" the box of tradition education methods, I recognize that life is all about transitions. I use my teaching, curriculum development and performance background and love of learning as a means to assist you in remembering your birth right to co-create your life- full of beautiful transitions that support, nurture and inspire you to become your most amazing and authentic self. 

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