[As a result of my experience working with Amy J. in the “Own Your You” Program]...I developed my confidence and trust to follow my art and saw the immediate results coming back at me, telling me, “You are on the right track!” I really feel that I am 100% on my right path for one of the first times in my life. I also felt that I became much more carefree and light-hearted.

I felt it was truly magical and so much fun! Things can just be solved so easily and with a light touch! I really appreciate the generosity of energy that Amy has and how things magically transform and materialize in day-to-day life. I had so many clients find and contact me after the healings, which felt like mini-miracles each time.

Right before my last session, I won the largest mural project I’ve ever applied for, which felt like a miracle and also a very concrete validation of the work I did with Amy over the course of the program. I feel like I became lighter and way more optimistic about my future as an artist, and I’m having the exciting experience of starting some really big projects that grew out of these healings.
— Natasha Platt, Artist @surfaceofbeauty
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It all starts when you make the choice to own your self… your entire self….

What you get:

6 60 minute pre-scheduled(phone/ video chat) sessions over three months custom oriented to support your growth in free will choices, embodiment of your authenticity, and unapologetic empowerment.

We use these sessions and interim time to to focus on YOUR:

-body, health, weight, physical illness
-finances, career, and opportunities
-love life, partnership, intimacy issues, physical challenges to sexual intimacy
-fears and phobias
-blocks you have to taking the next big step in your life
-stepping into leadership
-working with your purpose the way that works for YOU
-or anything else you want!

45 minutes of each session is devoted to healing and 15 minutes are for manifesting- actions, activities, and "homework" for you to practice during the interim between sessions. You will receive emails, meditations, activities and more after each session, detailing your action steps, practice, and exploration that are customize specifically for you.

Upon purchasing, you have three months from date of purchase to begin your program. Program must be completed within three months of first scheduled session. Admission is rolling.
Payment plans are available. Please contact Amy J. directly to inquire.

Currently enrolling to begin September, 2019

‘Own Your You came to me at such the perfect time! The title was the exact feeling that I was wanting to experience and embody in my life. As a facilitator and Integrative healer it is so important that I feel confident, free and authentic in my body, voice and unique expression but I had some old beliefs holding me back from experiencing this personally and professionally. I needed someone to help support, reflect and help dig under my limiting beliefs in the most loving and supportive way. Amy’s program helped me to clear out what was in my way so easily and effortlessly. After each of our calls Amy would recommend a creative exercise that would help me to explore the themes and topics that were brought up which I found so helpful. Knowing that I would have consistent support and also have someone hold me accountable for my own growth helped me to accelerate 10000%. Amy always brings such loving and cheerful energy to the sessions that it makes learning and evolving so much fun. I highly recommend taking Own Your You with Amy and invest in yourself in this profound and life changing way. These sessions will change your vibrational state and create immediate results that ripple out for you to see, feel and experience. You will definitely gain more clarity, love and respect for yourself and create space to focus on feeling and being the best version of yourself and truly Own Your You!!! With profound Gratitude and joy thank you Amy!’
— Natalie Pierson, NY, NY, Integrative Healer, Yogi intergratedform.com