Customized Physical + Emotional

Wellness Programs

with Amy J. 

Amy J. creates a mindful plan with you that utilizes hatha yoga practice, yoga nidra, energy healing, meditation, Thetahealing®, and  diet and lifestyle suggestions when necessary for you to bring about a gentle and easeful return to full-bodied wellness.




She also offers guidance for detoxification cleansing and parasite cleansing if and when applicable. 

Always consult your doctor to confirm that a program of this nature is recommended for you if you have a medical condition.

Amy has offered integrated healing and instruction  to clients with health challenges including: Cancer, Plantar Fasciatis, Running-related Issues, General Fitness, Sports-induced Chronic Injuries,  Broken/ Healing Bones, Postoperative Pain, Scoliosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Impotence, Prostate Inflammation, Respiratory Ailments, Frozen Shoulder, Ulcerative Colitis, Arthritis, Eczema, Diverticulitis, HPV, Genital Herpes, Asthma, Allergies,  High Cholesterol, High/ low Blood Pressure, Hypo/ Hyper-thyroidism, Ligament and Tendon Injuries, Cataracts, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Stress Eating, Respiratory and Digestive polylps, Genetic chromosomal abnormalities, Bloat, TMJ, Sciatica, Dandruff, Candida, Internal Parasites, Poor Digestion and Absorption, Chiari Malformation, Fibroid Lumps, Cysts and Tumors, Stress, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Grief, Autism, and ADD/ ADHD. 


Copy of Own Your You.png

Are You Ready to Own Your Authentic Self?


Are you Ready to Acknowledge Your Potential and Create miracles with it?

What you get:

6 60 minute pre-scheduled(phone/ video chat) sessions over three months  

to focus on YOUR:

-body, health, weight, physical illness
-finances, career, and opportunities
-love life, attracting a partner, intimacy fears, physical challenges to sexual intimacy
-fears and phobias
-blocks you have to taking the next big step in your life
-stepping into leadership
-working with your purpose the way that works for YOU
-or anything else you may need!

45 minutes of each session is devoted to healing and 15 minutes are for manifesting- actions, activities, and "homework" for you to practice during the interim between sessions. 

Upon purchasing, you have three months from date of purchase to begin your program. Program must be completed within three months of first scheduled session. 
Payment plans are available. Please contact Amy J. directly to inquire. 


Last day to enroll for 2018: September 10th. 


[As a result of my experience working with Amy J. in the “Own Your You” Program]...I developed my confidence and trust to follow my art and saw the immediate results coming back at me, telling me, “You are on the right track!” I really feel that I am 100% on my right path for one of the first times in my life. I also felt that I became much more carefree and light-hearted.

I felt it was truly magical and so much fun! Things can just be solved so easily and with a light touch! I really appreciate the generosity of energy that Amy has and how things magically transform and materialize in day-to-day life. I had so many clients find and contact me after the healings, which felt like mini-miracles each time.

Right before my last session, I won the largest mural project I’ve ever applied for, which felt like a miracle and also a very concrete validation of the work I did with Amy over the course of the program. I feel like I became lighter and way more optimistic about my future as an artist, and I’m having the exciting experience of starting some really big projects that grew out of these healings. I also credit Amy with reuniting me with the love of my life after some hurdles in our relationship. I spent my life shifting my focus between relationship and career, and never seemed to have both at the same time— now I really feel that I have both and both are blossoming before my eyes.
— Natasha Platt, Artist, Instagram @surfaceofbeauty
‘Own Your You came to me at such the perfect time! The title was the exact feeling that I was wanting to experience and embody in my life. As a facilitator and Integrative healer it is so important that I feel confident, free and authentic in my body, voice and unique expression but I had some old beliefs holding me back from experiencing this personally and professionally. I needed someone to help support, reflect and help dig under my limiting beliefs in the most loving and supportive way. Amy’s program helped me to clear out what was in my way so easily and effortlessly. After each of our calls Amy would recommend a creative exercise that would help me to explore the themes and topics that were brought up which I found so helpful. Knowing that I would have consistent support and also have someone hold me accountable for my own growth helped me to accelerate 10000%. Amy always brings such loving and cheerful energy to the sessions that it makes learning and evolving so much fun. I highly recommend taking Own Your You with Amy and invest in yourself in this profound and life changing way. These sessions will change your vibrational state and create immediate results that ripple out for you to see, feel and experience. You will definitely gain more clarity, love and respect for yourself and create space to focus on feeling and being the best version of yourself and truly Own Your You!!! With profound Gratitude and joy thank you Amy!’
— Natalie Pierson, NYC Integrative Healer, Yogi Integratedform.com

color healing (1).png

What is your relationship with color?


Humans rely on their eyes heavily. How does what you see (or don't see) influence the opportunities that you attract?


Join Amy J. in her newest program: Color Healing. Born into a family of painters and artists, Amy J. knows about color. She uses this experiential wisdom, along with her experience working with students and clients using Thetahealing highlight you intuitive and manifesting abilities and unlock your potential in all its colors.

This program may address: physical, emotional, spiritual and intuitive challenges.

The program is comprised of three phases- to be taken sequentially or individually in any order. Each Phase is comprised of 2 60 minute private virtual healing sessions with Amy J. utilizing color psychology, the Thetahealing technique and practical exercises on particular themes to assist you in creating the vision of your dreams. 


Shop the sale! 

Nurture Your Self with Joy.png

A Four Week Experience

when you remember every way to nurture your best self...



By application only. 

Commit to a series of One-on-One ThetaHealing sessions with Amy J. (V.IP ThetaHealing session commitments start at 9 hours). 

Because of your commitment to your health and happiness, Amy J. offers:

  • Discounted overall session rates based on your session package commitment
  • Guaranteed session availability within 72 hours of initial session request*
  • Email support: M-F 9AM- 5PM EST, Weekends: guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • Sessions are transferrable amongst friends and family

*Excludes personal emergency or travel. 


An online DIY Experience


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Go Deep, Become a Better Leader for our Planet today. 

A nine part program to assist you in becoming an empowered and powerful leader, better teacher, facilitator, guide and healer for your self and the planet. 

Each Class is do-it-your-self, with all materials available online. Courses can be taken sequentially , discreetly, or by facets. 

20% of all sales for every Tao of Teaching Course is donated to those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. 


20% of sales from these courses go directly to support families displaced by Hurricane Maria

Tao of Teaching Course Structure Options:

These classes were designed to assist YOU where ever you are in your journey with empowerment, leadership and mastery. They are not a cumulative class, so you are welcome to take one course- or all! 

Here are some recommended ways you can take The Tao of Teaching:

  1. Sequentially: Motivate, Identify, Space, COMING JUNE 20: Act, Collaborate, Energize
  2. By Facet: Facet 1: Motivate, Act ;  Facet 2: Identify, Collaborate;  Facet 3: Space, Energize
  3. One at a time in any order you like! 

facets 1b, 2b, + 3b release: June 20th, 2018...


Facet One:


Motivate: Follow Your Dreams


Get Motivated to do what you love, and be someone you love to be around at the same time! 

* ARE YOU READY to understand who you are as an empowered action-taker in your life?
* Do you want to easily attract your goals into your life but have been having difficulty and don't know WHY?
* Do you want to get moving on a project but have been struggling to take action?
* Are you a teacher, facilitator, or leader and would like to prepare yourself to be better at reaching your tribe?

What is "Motivate?"
a recommended 14 day DIY class (but can be done at your own pace!) online program that includes:
 -webinar lecture and exercises
-daily recorded meditation to promote clarity, groundedness, and full-bodied YES to staying and sustaining motivation
-daily journal prompts designed to invite break throughs, understanding and inspired action in your life
-recommended health and cleanses to assist the body in moving forward easily to  your dreams PLUS cleanse/ nutrition diary
-3 authentic action challenges to help the physical body integrate this powerful work
-customized yoga classes designed to root and expand you into already being where you want to be
-access to a secret facebook group facilitated by Amy J with healings, community and more

*and of course- an option to go even DEEPER and set up  private a la carte coaching calls with me, Amy J..

20% of all sales go to supporting those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. 

Receive a FREE SIGNED COPY of Heal Thy Self with Your Purchase. 


Facet Two:


Identify Your Mastery Signature


Identify and strengthen your understanding of WHO you are a leader and master in your life, what you already have available to you and HOW you can use your innate abilities to be more empowered in your role on the planet. 

*Are you aware of how amazing you already are?

* Is there a part of you you are afraid to embrace fully?

* Do you even know what potential you have to create powerful changes in your life?

*Are you wanting to take your work to the next level, but are finding your self blocked by resistance, fear, or challenges that seem insurmountable?

*Are you a teacher, facilitator, or leader who knows you are made to do and be more, but no matter what you do cannot seem to make headway and you do not know why?

What is Identify?

Identify is a do-it-your-self online program designed to assist you in combing through the distractions of worry, neglect, shame, guilt and fear of learning... of who and what you truly are at your core... so you can be more aware of what you already know and the mastery you already possess, so you may use those skill sets and be met with respect and abundance from the universe.   

20% of all sales go to supporting those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. 


space 3a.png

Facet Three:


Space: Directing Energy



*Are you having difficulty feeling empowered because you feel stuck, heavy, overloaded and drained?

*Is it really difficult for you to create space in your life: in the way of time, organization, and peacefulness?

**Are you finding it difficult to get traction on your project, because you feel overwhelmed, disorganized, or constantly having to play catch up?

*Are you a teacher, facilitator, or leader who is having a hard time managing the spaces you teach and lead in?

What is Space?

Space is a do-it-your-self on line program designed to support you- through a holistic approach- in learning how to use your energy in ALL the spaces you inhabit, from your body, to your home, to your work and beyond.  Its focus is to remind you of how to occupy your space in an empowered way, so you can exist in your physical reality easily, abundantly and powerfully. 

20% of all sales go to supporting those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. 


ThetaHealing Practitioners Certification Classes

taught by Amy J: 

Join Amy J. In Hawaii For:

ThetaHealing Practitioner classes, summer 2019! 

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Growing Your Relationships I and II

Interested in hosting a class? Amy J. loves to travel! 

For Parents ready to take the next steps in being more empowered to helping their tweens and teens succeed, this complimentary call is an opportunity for you get a better understanding of what needs to happen to allow your teens access to their most successful selves.