AlohaTherapy Fruit & Flower Essential Oils & Blends

AlohaTherapy Fruit & Flower Essential Oils & Blends

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Aloha Therapy oils come from the Big Island; they are beautiful and healing, and we are so happy to have a selection available for you to enjoy! 

To find out what we are currently carrying, contact Amy J directly! 

When you make your selection, please select the number you would like to purchase and what kind and select ___ in the other categories to insure easy check out. 

Some information about the types of oils we have in stock:

Pikake- means "peacock," and is in the Jasmine family

Lomi Lomi blend is relaxing and rejuvenating, containing: marjoram, lavender, Ylang ylang, tangerine, clary sage, benzoin, cedar and lavender

Pele Goddess Blend-  contains: Oak Moss - Bergamot - Lemon - Ylang Ylang - Rosewood - Cedarwood - Patchouli - Jojoba Oil