By Vianna Zultanite Jewelry

By Vianna Zultanite Jewelry

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Zultanite Jewelry:
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Zultanite, or Turkish Diaspore, found only in certain parts of Turkey is a powerful and beautiful stone- both naturally forming and synthenthically grown in laboratories. Silver plating. 

These pieces are hand designed by Vianna Stibal and hand chosen by Amy J. for her students, clients, and guests to her site and farm. Shipping fee includes insurance coverage. 

This stone changes colors when exposed to different sources of light; considered a fate changing stone, to assist in the alignment of the chakras and the alignment of one with their soul's purpose, or divine timing. 

Purple: divine guidance

Orange/ golden: angelic support and presence

Red: Healing of adrenals

Lime Green: healing properties

Pink: compassion

FREE Aloha Therapy Essential Oil with purchase.