Color Healing Program

Color Healing Program

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Each Phase consists of two 60 minute long private in person or virtual healing sessions with Amy J. Prior to each session, you will be emailed exercises designed to stimulate, provoke and engage in particular healings through your experience, interpretation and relationship with colors, tones, and emotions. 

Phase I: Self Worth and Color Associations

Release resistance to embodying and moving towards opportunities in your life. Learn how your relationship and experience of color, perceptions, and light, can allow you to embrace your self-worth and open you to more opportunities

Phase II: Personal History and Aura Analysis

Release regrets, sorrow, and challenges from your past and learn how to shift, embody and empower your self in the present. Aura analysis and healing. 

Phase III: Disposition and Manifesting

Shy away no longer from being an intro or extrovert. Learn how to be masterful in the energy you are, and identify and release blocks you have to manifesting with ease. 

Recommendations for program:

Phase I, II, III in sequential order OR a single phase in whatever order you choose! 


Upon completion of your purchase, you will be contacted by Amy J. directly and given a scheduling code and instructions for your program.