Sleep Support Guide

Sleep Support Guide

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Sleep + Wake Your Best Self Guide is a step by step audio and visual guide that offers you practical tools to assist you in having a healthier transition to sleep each night and to waking each morning.

Included in Sleep + Wake Guide:

PDF file guide: outline current sleeping habits, patterns, sets goals for new sleep routine + hygiene, suggestions for bedroom arrangement, waking up routine.

Audio recordings for each section of your sleep PDF guide with explanations and more information

Two guided meditation recordings: Yoga nidra practice + Progressive Relaxation practice


The results of these practices may include:

more restful and restorative sleep each night

decrease in anxiety and  digestive issues

increase in energy to start your day

increase in overall well-being, joy, contentment, relaxation and tranquility


Change in sleep habits: ability to recall dreams, increase in deep sleep, increase in quality of sleep, and more

* This product and the suggestions offered in this practice are not meant to replace, supplement or be used as medical advice. Please consult your licensed healthcare provider to determine if this guide and its practices are right for you.