Amy’s generous heart has offered me teachings that are surprising in their simplicity, rapid timing, and devotion to a Creator I am learning to know through our work together. There is a rare quality to her delivery of these teachings. Amy repeats the same message in multiple ways, each one feels unique and brand new. Her voice is alive with interest and compassion and the freedom to feel something real. I love that she isn’t lulling me into a trance or something like that - it’s been more like a lively and irresistible invitation to follow her into this amazing place of self discovery and love. My life has begun to change in ways I had never before dared to wish for. It’s fun! I’ve attended short workshops, a 3 day training, and several 1 on 1 sessions - all wonderful. So many thanks, Amy.
— Sue Brinigar, RN, Guilford, CT

Success Stories

[As a result of my experience working with Amy J. in the “Own Your You” Program]...I developed my confidence and trust to follow my art and saw the immediate results coming back at me, telling me, “You are on the right track!” I really feel that I am 100% on my right path for one of the first times in my life. I also felt that I became much more carefree and light-hearted.

I felt it was truly magical and so much fun! Things can just be solved so easily and with a light touch! I really appreciate the generosity of energy that Amy has and how things magically transform and materialize in day-to-day life. I had so many clients find and contact me after the healings, which felt like mini-miracles each time.

Right before my last session, I won the largest mural project I’ve ever applied for, which felt like a miracle and also a very concrete validation of the work I did with Amy over the course of the program. I feel like I became lighter and way more optimistic about my future as an artist, and I’m having the exciting experience of starting some really big projects that grew out of these healings. I also credit Amy with reuniting me with the love of my life after some hurdles in our relationship. I spent my life shifting my focus between relationship and career, and never seemed to have both at the same time— now I really feel that I have both and both are blossoming before my eyes.
— Natasha May Platt, Artist, Instagram @surfaceofbeauty
Since the healing with Amy J... my health is a lot better! My body feels light, and the pain I had in my legs and back is completely gone. Even my thoughts feel lighter and nimbler. After the theta meditation practice Amy gave me, I’m sleeping better and waking up fresher. The meditation practice I was previously doing prior to the healing that was giving me anxiety is now calming and grounding me.

My family difficulties are going on but I feel a lot more detached from it all. Where earlier I was constantly trying to help them, unable to stop thinking of the issues going on, now I’m calm and more attentive to what I need for myself. I’m less influenced by others’ expectations or tendencies to control. In a word, I’d say I feel centered.

Thanking you deeply for your incredible, magical help in this difficult time in my life.
— Nandita Dhindsa, Illustrator, Himachal Pradesh, India
‘Own Your You’ came to me at such the perfect time! The title was the exact feeling that I was wanting to experience and embody in my life. As a facilitator and Integrative healer it is so important that I feel confident, free and authentic in my body, voice and unique expression but I had some old beliefs holding me back from experiencing this personally and professionally. I needed someone to help support, reflect and help dig under my limiting beliefs in the most loving and supportive way. Amy’s program helped me to clear out what was in my way so easily and effortlessly. After each of our calls Amy would recommend a creative exercise that would help me to explore the themes and topics that were brought up which I found so helpful. Knowing that I would have consistent support and also have someone hold me accountable for my own growth helped me to accelerate 10000%. Amy always brings such loving and cheerful energy to the sessions that it makes learning and evolving so much fun. I highly recommend taking Own Your You with Amy and invest in yourself in this profound and life changing way. These sessions will change your vibrational state and create immediate results that ripple out for you to see, feel and experience. You will definitely gain more clarity, love and respect for yourself and create space to focus on feeling and being the best version of yourself and truly Own Your You!!! With profound Gratitude and joy thank you Amy!
— Natalie Pierson, NYC Integrative Healer, Yogi
I have taken ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced with Amy J and I have gotten so much out of it! After the second day of classes, I experienced a deep healing where I felt that old negative thinking patterns were removed and I got more clarity! I can’t wait to take more classes with Amy in the future, she is an amazing human being!
— Chamilla Justesen, Theology Graduate student, Denmark
I have taken 3 classes with Amy J and I am looking forward to more. She has an exuberance and a joy as a teacher and person that I find so resonates with me! She has a tremendous gift as a healer and as a teacher. She explains universal concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She has the ability to cater to each different student and their level of knowledge and learning style. She makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and excited about what you are learning. Amy J truly loves this work and it shows in every class she teaches! I can’t recommend her courses enough!
— Cara Viana, Hawai'i Island, Colorado,
Learning to harness my natural gifts with Amy J. was a life altering experience for me. I signed on just to take Basic ThetaHealing with Amy J. and was compelled, within the first hour of class, to take Advance Theta Healing. Her kind, intuitive, magical nature put me at ease, allowing me to connect to Creator, Myself and my Classmates with confidence and kindness. Her guidance was always warm and firm and her knowledge was free flowing and natural. I never wanted the courses to end! Her enthusiasm and encouragement is unmatched thus far. I am blessed (and spoiled!) to have taken my first courses of ThetaHealing with Amy J. I recommend her to anybody looking for a Master Teacher with a sweet smile, kind heart, and a natural healing intuition that many strive to have!
Salute to you, Amy J!
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!
— Natalie G. New York City, NY
Amy changed my life. Choice after choice brought me to a place from which I had no idea how I arrived nor how I would find my way out. Using her Theta Healing skills, Amy dug down into the beliefs I had that were not serving me and allowed me to discover new perspectives on life from which I was able to find my way. During that turbulent time I was also discovering intuitive abilities which Amy nurtured and developed through the Theta Healing classes I took with her.

It is not so much that Amy always gets to the core of who you are, or what makes you tick, if you will; but it’s the way she draws out your own intuitive self. For example, in the Digging Deeper class when we were reading each other I panicked and drew a blank but then Amy said to me, “ You know the answer. Creator already told you.” So I took a deep breath and searched for the feeling that I received that I knew came from beyond me. I took a stab at the reading with a renewed sense of confidence that I just didn’t make up what I was feeling.

I continue to develop those abilities with her by attending the Theta Healing classes she offers. Amy is a miracle worker.
— Tony, Connecticut, USA
I loved learning ThetaHealing with Amy J! She is an incredible woman, healer and intuitive. In her classes I always felt so welcome and taken care of. I have benefited deeply from her clarity of instruction, and precise intuitive guidance with the exercises. Overall I gained confidence in my ability to give a reading, and in witnessing a healing as Amy always made learning the ThetaHealing technique feel fun and effortless! I have taken away the message, that the best teacher is the one that is attuned to her students, has an open nurturing heart and offers clarity of speech. Amy represents this to her core and I highly, highly recommend taking any of the ThetaHealing courses with her. Especially now that she’s in Hawaii ! Thank You Amy J !
— Natalie Pierson, Owner, Integrated Form, New York City, USA
The classes were so supportive, and Amy had so much information to share that I hadn’t received in Basic or Advanced. I felt way more confident coming out of her classes than when I came in, and that is what I wanted! I feel much more comfortable doing digging work. And because I took those classes, I manifested a new apartment and an opportunity to work as a Theta Healer at a healing center!
I remember how she introduced me in the e-mail with “Aloha”, which automatically made me feel at ease. She helped me get through some blocks to even signing up for the class, due to financial reasons.

Because she offered so much support in the class, I wanted to book some sessions with her. She was the first practitioner to understand why I had a hard time getting past cyclical patterns that I tried a long time to get past.

I had a hard time learning growing up, and since Amy J. specializes in teaching, she knew why my brain had a hard time having the lessons stick. That blew my mind! Literally! i know that as the client, we also have to be ready for the healing, and with her, I felt ready for things to change. I booked my first paid acting gig, I got my feature screenplay copyrighted, i met my Twin Flame all just happened. And things continue to happen. I just recently found out that my short film I wrote is gonna be produced by a local filmmaker! My writing comes to life! That’s a dream come true. Amy J. understood the blocks I had, and why I resisted the healings I had previously. A lot of the times as the client, we have to understand that we are responsible for our healing, and it can be hard to accept sometimes that we are in our own way to receiving a healing. Amy approached me with a very comforting and loving way that allowed me to accept it and move through it. Thank you, Amy!

Definitely sign up for her classes!
— Tori, Rhode Island, USA
“Much of my muscular discomfort came from excessive tightness, so I generally show up hoping to leave a much looser, more relaxed person. I have been satisfied in this regard each and every time. I found myself wishing for more of a stretching component to be paired with massages I’ve received in the past, so I found the stretching component of the thai yoga massage with Amy J. very therapeutic. I have more flexibility in my arthritic toe now than I have in 8 years, and I credit Amy J. with a lot of that.”
— David R. Co-founder, Teacher, De Facto Education, NY, NY
I have been working with Amy J. for over three years now. I can’t begin to express how instrumental she has been in aiding the healing process for me. She is truly gifted. She has also worked with both of my 9 year old daughters. Her intuitive nature and wonderful personality make every session amazing. Cannot recommend her enough.
— Victoria, Branford, CT
I was devastated by grief before... [my] session but now my heart is airily like a feather ~, I got back my joy of life! ... Get a healing from her! She is the most powerful and kindest healer that I know!
— Naoko, Kyoto & Oahu, ThetaHealing Certificate of Science & Master
I have been putting dams up in my river, but I feel now after our sessions I am realizing it and can change my choices to progress.

I love taking the theta classes!! Amy is a great teacher and explains it in real time language that helps me fully understand. She is an awesome teacher and does a great job coaching practice sessions when there’s a question. I feel truly blessed to be part of this learning experience.
— Michael, Stamford, CT
I remember when I turned to you when my husband was diagnosed with very advanced cancer. You... ask[ed] creator to turn our home into a portal for all those who are sick to get well. My husband is 99 percent well now!
— June, Israel
I feel that Thetahealing® is much more effective than psychotherapy, because it gets to the heart of things without pain, and it then enables a release from things that may have been causing pain for a really long time. It also gives a certain unique insight that I think can enable a person to expand the good qualities of their life.
— Debra Lee, Sedona, AZ
Amy’s Class helped me uncover certain aspects of myself that I never knew.Her unique style of teaching, knowledge and profound enthusiasm made the day a pleasant experience.Theta Healing helped my spiritual growth and formed a new platform of self discovery. I recommend Amy and ThetaHealing to everyone who is looking to make changes in their lives.
— John Picard, Branford, CT
Amy is truely gifted as a Thetahealer and Instructor. So blessed to be connected to her. Namaste
— Melissa, NY. NY
Thetahealing® enabled me to to find a way to calm down, rest, and take a moment to do something beneficial for myself.
My first session was about a lump in my breast that I was worried about, and after the session, I wasn’t worried about it. I still thought about the lump, but I stopped worrying about it, giving it the time and the negative energy. My belief was now, “I am okay, and if it continues to be a lump it is still okay.” My core was changed by that new belief. I went to see a medical doctor for an exam a few days later, and it was confirmed that the lump in my breast was not a threat or potential threat. They could not find anything to measure. I am happy and honored to have this work be done. No matter your motivation for coming to it, it will benefit you.
— Sarah Nguyen, Artist, Missouri
Thetahealing® is a profoundly transformative experience. I became Amy’s client when I was struggling with fears and anxiety that were preventing me from enjoying my day to day living and hindering me from actualizing my potential. Thetahealing® was profound in that it transformed deep rooted issues that other healing modalities had not been able to access.
After having success with mental and emotional issues and Thetahealing®, I went to Amy for a session when I had a nasty cold that I couldn’t kick (and didn’t want to take antibiotics), skeptical that the Thetahealing® wouldn’t be able to work as well on the physical body, I was delighted to have a treatment and immediately feel some relief, and 18 hours later I had kicked the cold completely when it usually takes me days and days to recover fully from a cold.
Amy has a uniquely graceful and intuitive ability with Thetahealing®. I have received Thetahealing® from other practitioners, and I am confident in saying that Amy is particularly gifted with Thetahealing®.
I highly recommend her treatments for all and any issues, especially those that are particularly difficult for other modalities to address. I would say go see Amy before trying any other therapy, and if you’ve tried other therapies to no avail, I’d say, go see see Amy.’
— Uma Goodman, Asheville, NC